This NYE picture of Ariel Winter in a red pleather dress kissing her BF is absolutely adorable

It’s no secret that we’ve been low-grade obsessed with Ariel Winter and her new BF Levi Meaden. So when Winter posted a NYE kissing pic with Meaden (while dazzling in a form-fitting pleather red dress), we were obviously pretty psyched.

Not only did our girl Ariel look AMAZE, but she looked incredibly happy (and let’s be real, that’s an accessory that never goes out of style). The slightly-retro inspired dress fit her like a glove, and her accompanying hoop earrings and sparkly headband perfectly completed the look. Oh, and she’s CRUSHING IT in incredibly high nude heels (like, seriously, those look like the take some SKILL).

All right, enough talk. Let’s just take a look, shall we?

"Loving you all the way into 2017," she wrote.

Awwwww! ALSO, can we talk about how you can literally see her smiling through this kiss? Genuinely perfect.

And the seasoned Winter-watcher will also probably have noticed her killer nails. Lucky for us, she provided a closer look this week.

That’s right. Holographic, stiletto-shaped nails. Because she’s not playing around!

For those who don’t know, Meaden is a fellow actor who is currently on the Syfy show The Aftermath. He also graces us with pretty hilarious tweets sometimes:

LOL. Very astute, Mr. Meaden.

We’re so glad Winter seems to be happy in her personal life (because she’s still crushing it professionally on Modern Family), and we wish this pair nothing but health and happiness in the New Year!

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