Ariel Winter just used Twitter to clear up a rumor about her boyfriend

Well, we can’t say that Ariel Winter has never stood by her man. Winter took to Twitter to clear up some rumors that a tabloid posted about her live-in boyfriend, Levi Meaden. While Winter is probably used to seeing her own name in headlines, she likely couldn’t stand the fact that Meaden was the subject of a few less-than-stellar rumors.

One of the rumors was that Meaden worked for the actress — and another claimed that Meaden got a weekly allowance from her.

Winter was sure to clear up both rumors by writing up a note on her phone. Then, she posted it straight to Twitter.

"He buys his own stuff whether it's for me or himself, and he more than pulls his weight for our life," Winter wrote.

She also noted that he’s got a “full career,” and he’s working on a project that’s currently under wraps. We’re pretty curious to hear more about it. Since the pair have gotten together, Winter hasn’t been shy about showing her love and support of Meaden, so we’re sure an announcement is forthcoming.

 Speaking of his career, Meaden definitely has a lot of credits to his name, including an appearance in the forthcoming movie Pacific Rim: Uprising, and the 2016 series Aftermath. So, truth be told, the theory that he’s sponging off of his Modern Family girlfriend are somewhat tough to believe.

We think it’s great that Winter cleared things up. We just want these two to enjoy their blossoming relationship without any false reports getting in the way!

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