Ariel Winter just shut down her Instagram shamers with this important reminder

Seventeen-year-old Ariel Winter has always been one of our favorite Instagrammers. Not only are her posts super fun, they’re also super inspiring. Yesterday, the Modern Family actress posted a photo of herself hanging out on a boat with her nieces. The photo immediately got a ton of negative comments — just because she happened to be wearing a bikini (which isn’t strange attire at all, given the circumstances), but Ariel wasn’t going to take that lying down. Hours later she posted a response, and it perfectly sums up why this kind of bullying is not okay.

Here’s the first picture:

Super cute, right? The first thing I noticed about the photo isn’t that Ariel is wearing a bikini (although that’s perfectly okay because 1) it’s adorable and I want it and 2) duh, she’s swimming), but how much fun she’s having with her family. That should have been what everyone else saw, but instead she was hit with mean comments telling her that she’s “asking for it” and that she should “put some clothes on” because she’s “only 17.” This surprised Ariel as much as it surprised us, but she had a kick-ass response that put the haters in their place:

Nailed it. There’s no need to justify your outfit because there’s not a single thing you could do that warrants bullying and harassment. Thanks, Ariel, for spreading that message, and for your inspiring words that are sure to help millions of girls feel more comfortable in their own skin.

(Image via Instagram)

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