Ariel Winter just started an Instagram for her traveling stuffed bunny, and it’s already lit

Modern Family‘s Alex Dunphy is a total fashion star with a whole gaggle of gorgeous friends IRL. In addition to speaking out about body image and bullying, Ariel Winter is known for her (occasionally controversial) outfits and bold style statements. Winter has rocked the red carpet while hanging out with celebs like TV-sister Sarah Hyland and pal Jack Griffo.

Now, Ariel’s introducing us to another soon-to-be star in her squad.

We’d like to introduce you to Cher, the ultra-chic sidekick every girl wishes she could have. She’s pink, she’s fluffy, she’s a world-traveling wonder — and she needs no further introduction.

If you haven’t already seen Cher around, don’t feel too bad. Although her bio says, “You already know all about me,” we totally didn’t. And upon scouring Winter’s Instagram feed, we’re still not seeing much of her. But we’re excited to get to know more. After all, according to Ariel’s hashtag, Cher is already lit.

Just look how glamorous this stuffed bunny is.

She doesn’t just spend all of her time being pampered, either. (Although she did get to do this fab face mask, too.)

Cher also goes out and parties with her pals.

And hits up historic hot spots like the Great Wall of China.

Um, can we have Cher’s life? It seems pretty incredible.

We don’t have too many details yet. After all, this stylish stuffed bunny only just opened her account. She’s only shared six pics. We don’t even know if Ariel and Cher just met or if they’ve been besties for ages! But we do know one thing: They love each other something fierce.

We can’t wait to see Cher around the world as her Instagram name promises — and we hope we get some good glances of Winter, too. Traveling with your gals is the best way to do it, and we love keeping up with this star’s fabulous life.

See you around, Cher!

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