Ariel Winter gets real about Hollywood rejection

Ariel Winter’s 18th birthday has given the Modern Family star plenty of reasons to reflect. Growing up in Hollywood is difficult enough, but Ariel has definitely encountered her fair share of bumps. In an interview with People, the actress got real about her past, as well as the rejection that comes with living in the Hollywood bubble.

“I’ve kind of been in adulthood for a little bit now,” she admits. This makes sense, since she entered the world of acting when she was just 4 years old to star in a Cool Whip commercial. However, she’s not certain that was the best idea. “I love what I do, but I don’t know if it’s a choice I would have made on my own.”

Especially because a normal childhood would have shielded her from the sometimes harsh realities of celebrity life. “People criticize you at an extremely young age,” she says. “There’s a lot of rejection. I heard no thousands of times. That was hard to cope with.”

For instance, Ariel has been dying her hair black for almost as long as she can remember after being told that would make her more marketable as an actress.

Despite growing up in a fraught environment, Ariel has a good head on her shoulders. If anything, this rejection turned her into the wise and grounded young woman we love today, and we know there will only be success in her future.

(Image via Andrew Toth/Getty Images)

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