Ariel Winter has the *best* response to comments on her graduation dress

It’s no secret that we were pretty much in love with the dress that Modern Family star Ariel Winter wore for her graduation party, which is why we were shocked when the 18-year-old started receiving mean comments for the outfit coming from body-shamers who didn’t want her to be happy in her own skin.

Commenters wrote things like “You look beautiful but if my high school age daughter showed up in that… Ummm no” and “Put your tits away.” It’s disheartening that on an emotional and heartfelt post about one of the most important days of her life, people are focusing on her body and what they think she should be wearing.

Wearing body-hugging or revealing clothing is not a bad thing and it also doesn’t negate the educational achievement she’s celebrating. Ariel wore that dress because it looks good, plain and simple. But don’t just listen to us, Ariel took to Twitter on Wednesday to shut down the haters herself. false

She followed this up with a picture from Snapchat, and another reminder that we should be comfortable being exactly who we are regardless of naysayers. false

Ariel is already so mature, smart, and level-headed when it comes to these issues that it’s no surprise she’ll be attending UCLA in the fall. The truth is, even if she walked around naked, it wouldn’t matter. She’s a hard worker with so much ahead of her, no matter what she wears. Congrats, Ariel!

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