Ariel Winter got two new tattoos and we’re all about them

We all know that Ariel Winter is a fan of getting inked. As of last week, the eighteen-year-old Modern Family star already had three tattoos! So cool. But now we’ve learned that she’s gotten two more! Not just one, but two!

She shared the news via a selfie on Instagram. The photo — shot at Shamrock Social Club after getting inked by her favorite artist, Dr. Woo — shows a new little design in the bend in her inner elbow. We can’t quite make it out, but here it is:

While it’s a bit of a bummer that we can’t fully see what her first tattoo is (even if it’s no one’s business really), Dr. Woo shared her other new addition on his own Instagram in all its glory! She opted for tiger, placed between her shoulder blades:

So cute!

All of Ariel’s tattoos seem to carry some special meaning for her life.

She has a super adorable tattoo on her ribcage that honors her family. She explains on Instagram, “My second and most special tattoo, the initials of five of the most important beings in my life: my nieces and nephew. Their initials are on my ribcage, on the side where my heart is. They are my inspiration, and my reason for living. Love these babies more than anything and proud to have their initials forever on my body. Dakota Patrice Workman, Skylar Athena Gray, Parker Eleni Gray, Demetra Eleni, Workman, Asher Ruben Gray.

Here’s that tat:


And she has another that reads, “Love Risks Everything And Asks For Nothing” on her hip. You can see it very slightly here:

We can’t wait to learn more about your new ink, Ariel! You’re giving us some serious tattoo inspo.

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