Ariel Winter gets her butt touched up in this cheeky Instagram photo

There’s something extremely refreshing about celebrities and public figures who allow their fans to peek behind the curtain into the extensive beauty routines of the rich and famous. Sometimes it’s even funny, as is the case with Ariel Winter’s photo on Instagram of her butt touch-up. The cheeky (pun always intended) Modern Family star has posted pictures baring her booty in the past and has cleverly defended herself against backlash by saying:

"I'm enjoying my life, you're enjoying your life. You should be posting your butt if you like it, too!"

This photo is extra charming though, because it reminds fans that even the seemingly-perfect Winter has blemishes on her backside.

Who is that man touching up her butt, and how do I get him to come contour mine?!

Honestly though, the idea of having a staff member fully dedicated to polishing my backside is both terrifying and incredible.

As for those responding negatively to the playful butt pic, Winter is experienced at shutting down trolls and bodyshamers who come at her for everything from wearing a swimsuit (while she’s swimming nonetheless) to the dress she wore at her own graduation.

She looks adorable in all scenarios, and trolls on the internet are a particular breed of sad people.

Keep doing your thang Winter, let the cheekiness out.

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