Ariel Winter is a body positive warrior for her young nieces and we LOVE that

Alex from Modern Family, isn’t just a precocious badass on the show, but in real life — as Ariel Winter — she’s a constant champion for the empowerment of young girls and body positivity. Ariel Winter is partnering with Dove’s Self Esteem Project to help inspire young girls to love their bodies

Obviously, we’re all about this, and we think it’s SO important that somebody in such a great position to make her voice heard is passionate about this cause. Now, she’s not just speaking out of her own accord.

Ariel talks about how young girls like her nieces face societal pressure to be critical of themselves starting as young as seven or eight!

In a video with Dove that she shared to Instagram, Ariel talks about how personally important getting this message out is to her, since she has young nieces who are already starting to think about their bodies in relation to their appearances. She finds it really crucial that she be confident and body positive around them at this young age, and we love it!

As she says in the video, "To empower young women, you have to be that example."

We think Ariel is doing an amazing job empowering fans and loved ones alike with her amazing confidence and willingness to speak out against something the impacts women of all ages throughout life. Keep on keeping on, Ariel. We’re with you!

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