Ariel Winter just opened up about life after her breast reduction surgery

Since announcing last summer that she had opted to undergo breast reduction surgery, actress Ariel Winter has been refreshingly open and honest about her decision, even going so far as to flaunt her surgery scars on the red carpet:

Now, the 18-year-old Modern Family star is discussing even more details about the procedure and its effects on her psyche, telling Seventeen magazine that breast reduction surgery was “the biggest, greatest decision I ever made.”

While most celebrities choose to stay mum on the subject of cosmetic surgery, Winter says it never crossed her mind to be coy or secretive about getting a breast reduction, especially since it was something she felt she really needed to do for not only her physical health, but her emotional health as well.

“I remember that before I got the surgery, I would go in fitting rooms with my friends, and we’d all try on bathing suits or T-shirts or tank tops, and I could never wear any of it,” says Winter. “I would sit in the dressing room and I would cry because nothing looked good on me.”

Those tears are long-dried now, though. According to Winter, shopping is no longer a nightmare and she gets the added benefit of being a role model for young women who may be scared to speak out about their body image issues.

“I think what’s really special about being in the industry nowadays and having social media is that people like myself who have a platform can use it to do good things,” she says. “I just thought it would be really helpful and important for me to share my story.”

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