Ariel Winter wants you to know her boyfriend was not proposing in a recent invasive paparazzi pic

As a young star in Hollywood, Ariel Winter has unfortunately endured more than her share of unfair backlash and rumors — which also means she’s now a pro at shutting them down. So when a paparazzi pic claimed that her boyfriend had staged a “fake proposal,” Winter was quick to set the record straight.

Several outlets published the photo of Winter and her beau, Levi Meaden, on June 17th, claiming that Meaden had “mock proposed” to Winter outside a restaurant. We’re still not sure what it means to “mock propose” to someone, but the picture, which features Meaden kneeling in front of Winter, is clearly not an image of two people agreeing to spend the rest of their lives together.

The 20-year-old Modern Family actress shared her exasperation with the story on Twitter yesterday, June 18th. In a sharp clapback, she wrote that the two had simply been spending a normal Saturday together, and that Meaden had knelt down to tie her shoe.

Unfortunately, like many other young women in the public eye, Winter faces never-ending public scrutiny for her (very normal) behavior. But the actress has always handled these trolls with grace and intelligence.

While we wish that Winter didn’t have to deal with online rumors and and judgement, we’re glad she’s able to roll her eyes at all the absurdity. Never stop being you, Ariel!

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