Ariel Winter wore a bikini top to a pumpkin patch

We’re here for body positivity of all kinds, whether that means flaunting what you’ve got, covering up your assets, or a mixture of the two. We’re here for women who know what makes them feel comfortable and who go for it, and this almost always includes Ariel Winter, who wore a white bikini top to a pumpkin patch as a metaphoric middle finger to patriarchal fashion standards. After all, it has been unseasonably warm, and Ariel can wear whatever she wants.

While the internet seems to have mixed feeling about this look, we’re just here to support Ariel for whatever way she wants to express herself.

Just because we feel more comfortable in jeans and a tee when we’re taking a hayride, doesn’t mean other people will feel the same. Part of being an ally for other women is supporting them when it comes to how they want to present themselves. We think Ariel looked great in her white bikini top and light wash jeans in the photo she posted with the caption: “Mickey gave me a ride to the pumpkin patch.”

But some people on the internet found it hard to agree. Comments like “gurl you forgot to put on a shirt,” and “did it cost you your shirt” appeared under the photo.

Part of the reason we love Ariel is because she’s vocal about wearing what she wants and standing up for herself. It doesn’t matter if she’s on or off the red carpet — people constantly make comments about what’s “acceptable” or not in regard to her clothing. And each time, Ariel is there reminding us to be ourselves unapologetically.

We couldn’t support her more.

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