Ariel Winter blew up her Instagram with prom pictures, proving she’s just like you

On Modern Family, Ariel Winter plays the sometimes-awkward middle child Alex. But in real life, Ariel was not the least bit awkward when she attended her high school prom. It would be easy to say that Ariel looked “red carpet ready” for the big event, what with her perfect hair and knockout dress, but the truth is, she look promtastic. It’s kind of amazing when celebs do something that reminds us that they’re actually just normal, awesome humans at heart, and seeing Ariel geek out about her prom and blow up her Instagram with pics from the big event was SO ADORABLE.

Ariel’s date, her boyfriend Laurent Claude Gaudette, looked amazing too, in perfect prom fashion. But, just like any normal girl enjoying the buzzy happiness of a Big Day like prom, Ariel didn’t have romance tunnel vision. The rest of her Instagrams from before the dance are just as cute and, in some cases, even more aww-worthy. Check them out:

AWW! Ariel’s pic with her dad is so precious.

Um, does the beautiful night sky background of this pic remind anyone else of princess Jasmine on her balcony in Aladdin?

And, of course, no prom picture book would be complete without one with the girls. Love this and everything else about Ariel’s fairytale night.

(Images via here.)

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