Good news — someone finally made Ariel’s *pink* dress from “The Little Mermaid”

When it comes to dressing like your favorite Disney Princess, The Little Mermaid’s Ariel is probably the hardest one to copy. Because, you know, she has a fin. And it’s not like the fin is suitable for running errands, going to Target, and/or binging Netflix.

There are certainly ways to dress like her, with purple and green color combos — for her seashell bra and fin, obviously. But for those who don’t want to bare their midriff, there’s finally an Ariel dress. And not just any Ariel dress, but Ariel’s pink dress — you know, the dress she wears when she first takes a dinglehopper to her hair during dinner and Prince Eric is like “[nervous laughter] WTF?”


Because HerUniverse is the lifestyle brand that just keeps giving us exactly what we want even before we know we want it, they’ve just released the Ariel dress to end all Ariel dresses. Oh, what’s the word for it? GORGEOUS.


The dress, simply called, “The Little Mermaid Ariel Princess Dress,” features the same shade of pink Ariel sports in the movie. While her dress didn’t have a pattern, this one has a seashell motif — and some dinglehoppers, because duh. It’s a tea length dress, and has a scooped neckline and corset back. In the movie, Ariel’s dinner formalwear has a diamond design on the sleeve, and as you can see here, so does this dress. Because details matter.

The dress comes in sizes XS- 3X, and you can snag one for yourself right here for $59.90. Wear it to your next dinner with the prince or hanging out with your dad. Just don’t trade it to the neighborhood sea witch for anything.