Ariana Grande’s new tattoos are so tiny you could *almost* miss them

Following a week of what has been new beauty adventures for Ariana Grande (she braided her signature long ponytail and it looked amazing), why not add some new tats to the mix? This week Ariana revealed on her Snapchat two of the daintiest, blink-and-you-can-miss them finger tattoos.


Ariana’s new body art, courtesy of celeb tattoo artist Doctor Woo, posted a comment on her Instagram touting, “A couple new finger tats today. so fine & perfectly petite, they won’t even show up in this Polaroid.” One of the tats is a capital letter “A,” which is for her bestie Alexa, but also for herself because they obvs share the same first initial. The other finger tattoo is a Venus symbol: a circle on top of a small cross. #Love


She also mentioned in another Instagram post, a pick of her getting inked,  that these two additional tats round out her body art to lucky number 13. Uh, where are these 11 other tattoos?

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