Ariana Grande’s new album is here and this is how you can listen to it

It’s official. Ariana Grande is now a dangerous woman – or at least her latest album persona is. Today, this side of Ariana – along with the Dangerous Woman record, of course – was unleashed upon the world and people are loving it. false false false

To summarize her album in one sentence, Ariana told Billboard that Dangerous Woman can be described as “[a] 22-year-old girl comes into her own trying to balance growing up, love and a lot of other bullshit along the way.” She later added, “And she has a black latex Super Bunny within!

In a collection of 15 songs, Grande works to show listeners a completely different side of herself. She also got a chance to work with four other artists on Dangerous Woman: Macy Gray, Nicki Minaj, Future, and Lil Wayne. What results is a sound that’s completely unique, especially when you compare it to all of Ariana’s previous albums.

To help celebrate this momentous occasion, Snapchat even released their very own Ariana Grande latex bunny ears filter (that way we can all know what it feels like to be dangerous women): false

To completely and utterly embrace this new Ariana Grande, you can purchase Dangerous Woman for $12.99 on iTunes. Or, if you want to listen before you buy, you can also check out the entire album on Spotify for free:

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