Ariana Grande’s impression of this classic starlet is insanely spot-on

When we’re not taking a moment or two to admire Ariana Grande’s impeccable high ponytail, we’re often being blown away by her ability to impersonate everything and everyone – including the iconic Judy Garland.

Though it did not air during the actual show, Ariana participated in a Saturday Night Live sketch called “Cinema Channel.” The skit features Grande as legend Judy Garland, who’s staring in a 1961 fictional film called Up We Go in Our Fantastic Rocket.


The moment Ariana appears on stage, she perfectly embodies Garland in all respects. She exits out of a Cryo chamber, where she was “sleeping off last night’s bad behavior,” and instantly breaks into song with her space crew/backup dancers. Aside from imitating Judy Garland’s voice like a pro, Ariana also has her mannerisms down pat.


Then, things take a turn when the Fantastic Rocket is under alien attack and Captain Judy Garland must somehow save the day – but not before she pays her crew a little compliment. “Each one of you are my little boys,” says Grande/Garland. “You’re like plops of cream in a cookie tub.” (This is our new fave compliment, by the way.)

After hearing what the alien invader has to say, Garland decides to hit him with “a little Choo Cha-Booch.” She then performs a quick number for the alien, successfully made him want to live one day in her high heels, and they were able to destroy the target. “Well, should we celebrate by having one of you boys give a little speech about me?” Garland asks her crew.

In turn, we ask ourselves, “Is there anything Ariana Grande can’t do?”

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