People are obsessed with Ariana Grande’s Australian accent, and you will be too

We knew Ariana Grande was talented; she sings, acts, dances, and has a famously kind heart. But one thing we didn’t know she could do? Accent work. That’s right. In a November 11th video posted to Twitter by fan @dcagiunta, Grande runs around “out in the wilds of Pittsburgh” with friends while pretending to be an Australian nature guide. Backpack at-the-ready, she runs from bush to bush, pointing out imaginary reindeer to her “mates.” It’s goofy, hilarious, and reminds us that Grande is basically the BFF we all need in our lives.

Just take a look:

According to iHeartRadio, the video is from a while back and only recently resurfaced. However, that doesn’t make us any less obsessed with it. And Twitter concurs.


As iHeartRadio also pointed out, Grande has always been good at impersonations. Like that time she played Jennifer Lawrence on SNL:

Ariana, is there anything you can’t do? We’re really asking.

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