Ariana Grande just teased a new song and we’re fangirling out

Ariana Grande is using her time off from the Honeymoon tour in the best way possible. According to her official Snapchat, the superstar might be taking a vacation from the stage, but she’s been spending lots of time in the studio. She recently blessed fans with a sneak peek of one of her future hit singles from her upcoming album, Moonlight.

And, guys, it sounds so good.

In a video captured and uploaded to YouTube by a fellow Snapchatter, Ariana rocks out to her recording in what looks like a 70’s disco party: The lights are changing colors and bouncing all over the place. It look so fun. The track only plays for nine glorious seconds, but it already has the makings of a catchy song. Ariana’s angelic vocals are layered over each other like a small chorus of Arianas, which would be a dream come true, obviously.

After such a small taste of what is bound to be such a great song, fans are clamoring for more.

In May, Ariana tweeted some hints about the upcoming Moonlight album, including these lyrics of a song with the same name.

Could this be the same single that she teased in her Snapchat story? The anticipation is overwhelming! We can’t wait to hear the finished product. Until then, guess we’ll just have to go back to daydreaming about running into her on the streets of Paris.

Check out Ariana’s Snapchat video and be prepared for a crazy amount of excitement about her new album.

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