We’re Buying These 7 Sparkly Face Masks to Look Like Ariana Grande

Now, how can we get her pigtails?

Ariana Grande serves as our inspo for many things: high ponytails, delicate tattoos, and oversized sweatshirts, to name a few. But the singer just added another item to our Ari-approved wishlist: a bedazzled face mask.

Upon first glance of Grande’s recent Instagram post, we got distracted by the ombré pigtails taking the place of the singer’s trademark ponytail. However, once we semi-got over Ari’s new hairstyle, our eyes zoned in on her sparkly and safe accessory.

In the selfies, Grande is wearing a bedazzled face mask that’s giving J.Lo’s blush version a run for its money. The iridescent rhinestones are glimmering, matching Ari’s catlike eye makeup, and we have to say: It’s a lewk.

Because she’s Ariana Grande, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Grammy-winning singer had this accessory custom-made. But since we’re not global superstars, we’ll have to shop at regular old stores to find our own version of Ari’s spacey disco face mask. Luckily for you, we did the work and found seven lookalikes so you can channel your inner Ari while staying safe. You’re welcome.

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