Ariana Grande sings opera too, NBD

In case you were wondering, Ariana Grande is killing it at life these days. If you thought she was a one trick pony, you would be SO wrong. The 22-year-old singer can do everything. Okay, maybe not everything, but she is pretty darn talented. So what’s her latest accomplishment? She is singing opera!

We knew Ari could sing — hello, her My Everything album is fierce — but singing opera is a crazy thing to accomplish. Seriously, there are a LOT of talented musicians out there but not many can sing opera, Ariana however is one who can.

Last Friday, the Florida native proved that she’s not a one-hit wonder, yet again by releasing her duet with the world-famous opera singer, Andrea Bocelli on the new track “E Piu Ti Penso,” which will be on Bocelli’s new album Cinema. The song is originally from part of Ennio Morricone’s score for the 1984 movie Once Upon a Time in America. Andrea’s album is set to be released on October 23, 2015, but you can listen to his collaboration with the “Bang, Bang” singer now!

“So honored to be on this song with you, Andrea! you don’t know what it means to me & my family! mille graze! baci!!!” Ariana tweeted on September 25, with a link to her collab on Spotify. The music is magical and we are definitely impressed with Ariana’s musical talents and crazy vocal range, now more than ever. 

If opera isn’t your cup of tea, the singer is currently on tour performing her own material, which is much more pop-based, duh. Plus, you can catch the brunette beauty exercising her acting chops on FOX’s new series, Scream Queens. Again we ask, what can’t Ariana do? The answer: Nothing!

PS: Her Scream Queens character, Chanel #2, is fabulous and it may or may not be the reason we are tuning in tonight for the second episode of the thriller.

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