Ariana Grande is single handedly bringing back this ’80s hair trend

Ariana Grande is indisputably one of our fave current style icons. She’s constantly rocking unique looks, whether it’s her one-of-a-kind Harry Potter jacket or her signature high ponytail (now featuring blunt bangs!). Now, the songstress is switching up her usual hair style and bringing back an iconic hair trend from the past at the same time.

On Thursday evening, Grande appeared on the season finale of ABC’s Greatest Hits, a music series showcasing some of the most iconic recording artists of the ‘80s, ‘90s, and ‘00s. She paid tribute to the late and great Whitney Houston, one of Grande’s most prominent musical inspirations and heroes, singing a medley of Houston’s songs including “How Will I Know” and “Queen of the Night.” As expected, Ariana ~killed it~ with her performance.  We all bow to her stellar range. false

The 23-year-old “Into You” singer rocked a super ‘80s look during the performance — which makes sense, given that the ‘80s/early ‘90s era was when Whitney Houston was arguably at her peak as an unstoppable musical powerhouse.

Ariana slayed in thigh-high boots, an oversized black jacket, and a pearl choker. Sunglasses and a crimped version of her signature high pony with an adorable bow completed the look.

Ariana was definitely feeling her ‘80s vibe (and the love) — she shared photos of her awesome look across her social media profiles, thanking ABC’s Greatest Hits for including her and allowing her the opportunity to pay tribute to her “angel.”

Ariana’s crimped hair is giving me *so* many ‘00s flashbacks. Crimped hair first became a thing and was a huge trend during the ‘80s, when big, bodacious hair was all the rage, but the look had a renaissance in the early aughts. The trend’s comeback was all thanks to forever style icons like Hilary Duff’s Lizzie McGuire, early Britney Spears, and both Olsen twins, as any middle-schooler who owned one of these bad boys can attest. 

As someone with naturally messy waves, I’d just like to personally thank Grande for her contribution to the crimped comeback. Keep on killin’ the style game, girl!

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