Ariana Grande side-eyeing her mom at age 3 in this vintage video is, quite simply, iconic

While we are always here for news about the Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson union, and yes, “The Light Is Coming” is a damn bop, please brace thyself for the greatest Grande news yet. In anticipation of her 25th birthday tomorrow — June 26th, 2018 — Grande shared a throwback clip from her third birthday. In the home video, Grande’s mom Joan is heard saying “close your eyes” while brother Frankie marches in with a surprise gift. Grande screengrabbed a moment from the clip that shows her throwing the shadiest toddler side-eye at the camera.

As Mashable points out, Grande wasn’t actually side-eyeing her mom (even though it appeared that way), she just happened to glance sideways at the camera before closing her eyes. Also, it seems there is no bad blood because Joan responded to the screengrab of the “side-eye” and lovingly wrote: “Look at that magnificent, full of expression face…and the sweetest angel…the greatest then, the greatest now.”

Grande and her mom reminisced about that moment on Twitter and Joan revealed that the birthday surprise was a “big Tasmanian devil weighted walker balloon,” adding that little Ariana “danced with him all day.” Awwww.

We’d like to take this opportunity to highlight the Ariantor who turned this image into the best meme. false

Seriously though Ariana, what is up with all the upside-down tweets?

As for Grande’s 25th birthday, she has a ton to celebrate. She’s got an album on the way, a new fiancé, and a luxe new apartment. Happy birthday, queen!

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