Ariana Grande’s recent Instagram pic is sparking pregnancy rumors

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson may have had the most whirlwind summer romance ever (complete with a lightening-fast engagement and countless new tattoos), but the couple isn’t ready to have a baby just yet—at least not according to the “God Is a Woman” singer, who just swiftly shut down potential pregnancy rumors.

The 25-year-old pop star posted a selfie to promote her new perfume, Cloud, on Instagram. It seemed like a pretty normal post, but eagle-eyed fans noticed there was a baby crib in the background of the photo. Naturally, they lost all chill and pregnancy rumors followed.

At first, Grande made light of it all in the comments section, claiming the crib was for her “secret baby duh,” but she soon set the record straight by revealing that the playpen was, in fact, for her baby pig.

ICYMI, Grande and Davidson became proud parents to a pet pig named Piggy Smalls back in September. Not only does Grande often post photos and videos of the little guy, but Davidson even got a tattoo of him.

Unfortunately, fans were not quite convinced, so Grande took to Instagram on October 9th to shut down speculation once again and confirm that she’s definitely not expecting.

"once again, that is for my pig i still do not have a secret child," she wrote.

There you have it. Grande isn’t currently pregnant, so we can all calm down…at least for now.

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