Ariana Grande just called out some obvious sexism in the magazine section

There’s no need to speculate about who Ariana Grande is dating because it’s obvious that she and her mom are the true power couple. When Ariana’s mom, Joan Grande, spotted something off in the magazine section of the store she was shopping in, she posted a photo Twitter to call out the injustice.

In the picture you can see that the magazines are split into two genres: men’s interest and women’s interest. While men’s interest covers things like technology and sports, all the women’s section gets are tabloids and workout mags. All of these publications are fine on their own, but to assume women are only interested in one and men are only interest in the other? Not okay. Ariana agrees. She saw her mother’s tweets and added her own thoughts:

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When high-profile celebrities call this stuff out, it makes it clear to companies and stores that this kind of branding is not okay. Women shouldn’t feel like there isn’t a space for them in the world of science and technology, and men shouldn’t feel ashamed of wanting to buy a magazine about fashion. It’s these little things that can cause a lot of harm by reinforcing suffocating gender roles.

Ariana’s lucky to have such a great role model in her mom, and we’re lucky to have such a great role model in Ariana. Let’s “break free” of these stereotypes “one last time” so we never have to deal with them again!

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