Ariana Grande had the bejesus scared out of her at a haunted house and it’s hilarious

As you might be aware, yesterday (October 31st) was Halloween, the scariest night of the year. While we’re partial to a bit of trick-or-treatin’, we’re not 100% sure that we could face any IRL scariness. That’s why we’re so impressed with Ariana Grande’s visit to a terrifying haunted house.

Now, of course something like this has got Ellen Degeneres written all over it. In fact, for the last few years Ellen has sent her long suffering producer, Andy Lassner, to a haunted house with a celebrity. And every year, the results are completely and utterly hilarious.

Well, this year Andy and Ariana headed down to the American Horror Story haunted maze at Universal Studios Horror Nights and it’s SO funny.

Complete with scary clowns from Freak Show, the creepy BDSM monster from Murder House, the mutants from Asylum, and those bodies climbing out of beds from AHS: Hotel, the maze actully looked scary AF.

While initially Ariana tries to put on a brave face, within the first 35 seconds she gets so frightened she ends up jumping on the floor, cowering for her life. Similarly, Andy can be seen shouting at the monsters that keep jumping out, and he even threatens to report one of them after they appear more than once. It’s too much.

As the pair move through the maze, they then end up holding on to each other in fright. However, despite this there’s one hilarious moment where Andy, after being so scared, runs off, leaving Ariana on the floor.

"I need you," Andy says, "to stick with me. You abandoned me, and that doesn't work for me." "You abandoned me!" Ariana replies.


Ultimately, however, the pair make it out of the scary maze alive.

Emerging from the maze, both Ariana and Andy amusingly declare that it “wasn’t bad.”

"Somewhere in there is my heart," Ariana later admits."Thank you, Ellen."

TOO FUNNY! Tbh, after watching that we’re actually kinda curious to enter into our own haunted maze…