Ariana Grande sang the coolest duet ever with a fan, in a moving car

Ariana Grande started the European leg of her Honeymoon Tour last week in beautiful Paris, France. She obviously has quite a dedicated following in the land of croissants: While she was being driven to the concert venue, a fan on a moped recognized her through the window of her SUV. Ariana responded in the best possible way by serenading him!

Personally, I would have passed out from excitement and fallen right off that moped, but this super-fan kept his cool, took out his phone, and started playing “One Last Time.” Thank goodness that he and Ariana both had personal drivers because in the video of their interaction, they couldn’t keep their eyes off each other AS THEY DUETTED. Yes, that’s right. Ariana sang with a fan from a moving car, she is that amazing.

The pop star shared the footage on her Honeymoon Diaries YouTube channel, where she’s been posting behind the scenes of her tour. In the four-and-a-half minute video, Ariana calls to her fan, “Yes, queen! Come to me!,” and yells nonsense at a white van that comes between them. According to her Instagram, the two drove side by side for forty-five minutes.

At a stoplight, she asks her new singing partner what his favorite song is. “Honeymoon Avenue!” he shouts to her.

“Yeah me, too!” Ariana says as her car pulls away. They share a favorite song? This totally solidifies their friendship forever.

Ok, sure, maybe following an international music sensation through the streets of Paris on a teeny-tiny, not-quite motorcycle isn’t the safest thing to do. But it looks like getting to share a song with Ariana Grande would be totally worth the risk. If you ever find yourself in this unique and fabulous situation, definitely take a leaf out of this Parisian fan’s book and wear a helmet.

Check out the full video below.

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