Ariana Grande Fans Think She Shaded Pete Davidson in “Positions”

Grande doesn't want to repeat history, if you catch her drift.

Though the Pete Davidson-Ariana Grande train left the station what feels like eons ago, Arianators think Grande still may be throwing shade toward her high-profile ex. In her new song “Positions,” which is the lead single off her upcoming AG6 album, Grande fans believe Ariana may have dropped a diss directed at Davidson, to whom she was briefly engaged back in 2018.

The song opens with the line, “Heaven sent you to me / I’m just hoping I don’t repeat history.” Simple, right?

Well, according to fans, the pause between re and peat (or Pete) may allude to Grande’s whirlwind romance with her SNL ex.

Listen to the “Positions” lyrics for yourself in the music video she dropped today, October 23rd, below.

It’s kind of one of those blink-and-you-miss-it Easter eggs that only true Grande stans would catch. On Twitter, several Arianators believe the “re-Pete” is totally intentional.

Some even think the line might be alluding to the fact that Grande and her current boyfriend, Dalton Gomez, are actually engaged, and that Grande doesn’t want to repeat the tense, highly-publicized engagement she had with Davidson this time around.

Whether she intended to include a mild diss in her track or not, the lore around “re-Pete” is growing, and the stans will not take “it’s just a coincidence” for an answer.

Grande is currently linked to Dalton Gomez, and while we can only surmise what might be “repeating history,” it’s definitely a much different relationship, publicity-wise. For the most part, she and Gomez have kept their relationship fairly private in comparison to her former romance with Davidson. And it appears they’re in it for the long haul, having stayed together for a longer period of time than Grande and Davidson did (despite being engaged).

We’d like to see the lyrics written down by Grande herself to properly decipher this line. But for now, we’ll just say she was definitely being clever because her mind…it’s just that impressive.