Ariana Grande once recreated the opening scene from “Mean Girls,” and it’s so adorably goofy

While we might want to forget some of the embarrassing things we did as teenagers, thanks to YouTube and social media, a whole generation will be able to revisit their misspent youth. Take this video of Ariana Grande and her friends recreating Mean Girls when they were just kids, for example.

The clip, which was discovered by Buzzfeed, sees Ari and her pals take on different roles in the iconic teen movie, which was written by comedian, writer, and actor Tina Fey. The movie, which starred Lindsay Lohan, has become a cult classic, and even sparked a musical adaptation.

Given how quotable this movie is, we’re pretty sure that we’ve all had moments where we’ve recreated some of its iconic scenes.

However, Ariana Grande and her friends took it to another level and committed their take on Mean Girls to tape.

In the clip, the Dangerous Woman singer and three of her friends recreated the opening of the movie. Unfortunately, Ariana hasn’t taken on the leading role of Cady, but she does get to flex her acting chops with a whole heap of supporting characters (our favorite being the German teacher wielding a knife for some reason).

The video was uploaded in 2007 — Ariana would have been 13 then — but based on the description, it appears that it was filmed a bit before then.

Watch the hilarious recreation of Mean Girls below.

In fact, going on a deep dive or Ariana Grande’s YouTube channel has unearthed some other hilarious throwbacks. We love this one of the singer and her friend getting their lives to the Spice Girls.

Or how about a music video made to Christina Aguilera’s “Ain’t No Other Man”?


Of course, Ariana has since gone on to become one of the biggest popstars on the planet, and she’s also a pretty great actor, too. And, based on these videos, it seems she was always destined for stardom.

Now, maybe she could nab a role in the Mean Girls musical…