How did Ariana Grande and Nick Jonas keep this collab a secret for YEARS?

Here’s an awesome collaboration up we never saw coming. And now that we know about it, it’s the only music we want to listen to, from now until the end of time. Just whose music are we dying to hear? None other than some from Ariana Grande and Nick Jonas. Working together. To write songs. Where have you guys been hiding your beautiful music, and can you share it with the world, pleeeease?

According to Jonas, who dropped this amazing information to ET Online, when Grande first started making her record, the two met up and “wrote a bunch of songs a couple years ago.” Which is crazy for a few reasons, first being that there are a bunch of Jonas/Grande songs out there that we haven’t heard. And two, this happened a couple of years ago. How long, exactly, are we talking? It feels like sometimes we know artists are working together  before they even know it, so HOW have Jonas and Grande flown under the radar for so long?

Jonas continues saying that they, “wrote together then and had a great time writing,” and obviously the two of them did. How could you not in that kind of company? And as for those songs, Jonas teases that “maybe there’s a collaboration somewhere down the road,” giving us hope that we’ll get to hear them together for real. But let’s not keep it super-secret this time, OK?

There’s actually a real Jonas and Grande collab coming up, but it’s on TV, not in the music world. They’re both in this fall’s Scream Queens, but there sadly won’t be any singing in that show (unless creator Ryan Murphy wants to draw inspiration from his other hit, Glee, that is). However, maybe all that downtime on set will get their creative juices flowing, and we’ll get to hear some songs from them sooner rather than later. We’ve gone long enough not knowing what amazingness comes out of their combined forces.

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