Ariana Grande is the newest to join the “Hairspray Live!” cast, and we are SO excited

The Hairspray Live! cast already includes some heavy-hitters. Jennifer Hudson, newcomer Maddie Baillio, Kristin Chenoweth, Martin Short, Harvey Fierstein, and Derek Hough are all slated to star in the upcoming production, and we seriously cant wait — but now, the show is about to get even more exciting, with an announcement made on Twitter by Ariana Grande herself.

In a mini tweet-storm she made just earlier today, Grande announced that she’ll be joining the cast of Hairspray Live! as Penny, and we have been jumping up and down ever since. Here are her tweets announcing the news: false false false false false false false

She REALLY amplified the suspense of the moment with that “so” tweet! Her followers are super happy for her, and tweeted their support along the way — so many people are happy for her, and it’s so wonderful that she’s getting to do something she’s wanted to do for such a long time. We actually didn’t realize she was a “huge theater geek,” but that makes this moment even more special for her, and we can’t wait to see her on the stage.

Here are just some of the supportive tweets she’s received in return: false false false

She also announced the news on her Instagram account, and received plenty of love and support there, as well.

We know she’ll kill it, she just has to make it through the table read first.

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