Ariana Grande released a new song overnight and we’re already obsessed

We love this new trend of artists releasing their music completely unexpectedly, because it means on any given day, we could wake up to a new song by Ariana Grande. We heard yesterday that we’d be getting some new music, and this morning, we did. Ariana released her track titled “Dangerous Woman” and it’s got us feeling like we’re dancing on stage or walking confidently down the street.

The song comes from her upcoming album of the same name, and if it’s any indication, this is definitely an album worth waiting for. Ariana’s grown, and so has her music, and we can’t wait to hear it.

We’re also excited because the release of this song means we’ll probably hear her perform it during her Saturday Night Live gig this weekend, where she’s both the host and musical guest.

Either way, this means we’re about to get a whole lot more Ariana Grande in our speakers, and we’re so prepared for this new album to be the soundtrack of our summer.

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