Ariana Grande is dropping a new single, “Dangerous Woman,” tonight and people are freaking out

If you go on Twitter right now, you’ll be hit with a blast of YAASSSS with a side of OMG RIP ME.

One-minute of a new Ariana Grande song called “Dangerous Woman” has surfaced onto the Internet and Twitter has lost all chill. Ariana’s latest single will debut in full tonight and Ariana and all her followers (Arianators, right?) can barely contain their excitement.

The song features sexier lyrics like, “Something ’bout you makes me feel like a dangerous woman” and the single artwork can only be described as…S&M bunny? Is this the new grown-up Ari? We’ll find out tonight. You can hear part of the song in the background of this Victoria’s Secret video. 

Here’s how the fandom is currently reacting to the song: