Ariana Grande got her new hair inspiration from this ‘Harry Potter’ character

When Ariana Grande isn’t singing, acting, or touring all over the word, she’s got her head buried in a book. One special book series, to be specific: Harry Potter. She LOVES Harry Potter, and even named one of her last adorable dogs after Sirius Black. Now, she’s mentioned she’s take her HP love to another level, and admits her new hair was totally inspired by one of our favorite characters.

Wait, one of our favorite characters? How about one of the characters we love to hate, because Grande’s new hair do is modeled after known Death Eater Lucius Malfoy.

Her new hair color is more silver than platinum blonde, like the shade the entire Malfoy clan rocks, but now we totally seem the resemblance. The hair switch-up is for Grande’s next single, “Focus,” which is dropping in a little under two weeks. Grande released the new single artwork’s, and it shows her totally in white, with matching hair as well. Obviously we’re thinking of the Malfoys, but then Grande admitted that was actually her inspiration.

Talking to Kent ‘Smallzy’ Small on Nova FM last week, Grande explained “It’s white.. it’s very Lucius Malfoy… he was sort of my go-to reference!”

Kinda dying to know what Grande’s hair dresser thought when she brought in a picture of Malfoy and commanded, “accio hair!”

Image via Twitter

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