This girl looks so much like Ariana Grande, it’s actually scary

Umm…we’re slightly uncomfortable that there’s a glitch in the Matrix. Twenty-year-old Jacky Melissa Vasquez from Virginia is such an on-point Ariana Grande lookalike that we kind of don’t believe it. Are we living in a simulated alternative reality where the computers are glitching and creating two of the same person, and also electing someone as President who doesn’t have any experience in government? Is Ariana Grande punking us all with a fake Instagram account? Is somebody sliiiightly altering photos of Ariana Grande to make us THINK we’ve found her dopplegänger?

We don’t know. What we DO know is that this is truly freaky, and Jacky should start charging for appearances at birthday parties, because nobody is going to call her on not being the real deal.

Like, WHAT? This is Ariana Grande…

…and this is Jacky. WE’RE REELING.

The resemblance is uncanny, but Jacky definitely is an Ariana Grande fan, and has gotten scary good at capitalizing on their resemblance. The high ponytail, the cat eye — it’s all so on point that rumor has it Ariana Grande said her own cousin couldn’t tell Jacky apart from her.

LOOK AT THIS SPLIT SCREEN. How can this possibly be real!?

Jacky told Sweety High that she’s always been a big fan of the singer, and that she’s been told she looks like Ariana for years.

"In 2010, people in school would say I resembled Cat Valentine, who was Ariana Grande's character [on Victorious]. Even though my friends and other students would point it out, I didn't see it until a little later."

Uhhh, we’re not sure how Jacky didn’t see that they’re IDENTICAL, but we’re glad she’s figured it out, because it’s making us believe in magic, or something.

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