Ariana Grande just dropped a new song and video with Nicki Minaj, and prepare to play it on loop

The light is coming, and it’s coming in the form of a sassy new Ariana Grande song. The ponytail-swinging pop queen took to Twitter today to drop her latest single from her upcoming album, Sweetener, as well as to provide the world with an official release date.

The new track is titled “The Light Is Coming,” and Nicki Minaj raps the first verse of the synth-heavy, Pharrell Williams-produced song.

The track also fits perfectly with the message and theme of the new album overall. Grande revealed to Jimmy Fallon that Sweetener is “about bringing light to a situation, or someone’s life — or somebody else who brings light to your life, or sweetening the situation.”

“The Light Is Coming” is the second Grande/Minaj collab in a week, with the rapper dropping “Bed” on June 14th (not to mention”Side to Side” and “Bang Bang” in 2016 and 2014 respectively).

And if this weren’t all freak-out worthy enough, Grande (finally!) announced the release date of her full album.

Sweetener is dropping August 17th via Republic Records.

Considering that we know Grande has a song called “Pete” on the new record (yes, absolutely THAT Pete) and that she ended up adding five raw songs that she initially feared were “too emotionally honest,” for fans, August can’t come soon enough.

OH, and Grande ALSO dropped a video for “The Light Is Coming” today, June 20th, that’s currently exclusively available on the Reebok website (yes, Nicki is in it, too).

Take a look at “The Light Is Coming” video here.

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