Ariana Grande just got the entire sold-out Kylie Jenner Lip Kit collection for her birthday, everyone is jealous

We’ve talked with enthusiasm about Kylie Jenner’s lip kit before, and for good reason: It’s a beauty product on our wish-list, and it’s sold out! So, today is Ariana Grande’s 23rd birthday, and she received one of these lip kits as a gift… from none other than Kylie Jenner herself! Yes, true story. And naturally, the world is jealous.

Of course, Ariana went immediately to Snapchat to document her birthday euphoria.


The best part was where Ariana let her mom Joan try the dark metallic lip kit shade, called Kymajesty. In the Snapchat video that they made, Ariana says,  “Just saying, Kymajesty was actually made for Joan Grande.” By the look on her face, Joan might have to try a few more shades before she finds her color! But the caption is fitting, and shows off Ariana’s sense of humor.


Being the generous soul that she is, Ariana let her friends get in on the action, too. In the video, this friend made the remark that the bright blue shade smells “like a bubblegum milkshake.” Ummmm we would like some bubblegum milkshake! Apparently this color will be ready for the fourth of July (at least that’s coming up soon, phew).


While it was probably hard to pick the best lip color, Ariana named the Mary Jo K and Candy K shades as her favorites. At least for now, she still has more to try! Without further ado, a giant HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Ariana! We are positive that this girl is celebrating in style, making her look complete with delicious crazy-colored lips.

Here’s the lucky birthday girl, chilling out before the festivities start.

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