Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, and more lip sync “I Really Like You” — and it’s the cutest

Remember that time Justin Bieber lip synced “Call Me Maybe” with Selena Gomez and Ashley Tisdale? It helped launch the mega-hit song to popularity and made us feel giddy with fangirl glee every time we watched it. We thought that video might reign as Ultimate Homemade Music Video forever, but we were wrong. Oh, so wrong!

Today the Biebs released a new video featuring him, his tattoos, and a huge cast of stars lip syncing to Carly Rae Jepsen’s newest single, “I Really Like You.” Seriously, this crew of celebs is epic. Ariana Grande wears adorable cat ears, Kendall Jenner balances on Justin Bieber’s shoulders, and NSYNC’s Lance Bass does a ninja kick at the camera. Cue fan girl screaming!

Also spotted were Arianna’s brother and YouTube star Frankie Grande and Korean rapper CL. Clearly, Miss Jepsen has some huge fans: Academy Award winning actor Tom Hanks starred in the song’s official music video.

Most of the video’s scenes show Justin and his pals goofing off (and flexing, of course), but the song comes to a halt at the lyrics, “I need to tell you something.” Justin, totally straight-faced, tells Kendall Jenner, “I’m pregnant.” What?! That was completely unexpected and pretty funny. It’s good to see Justin’s sense of humor hasn’t gone anywhere.

“Decided to make a fun cover with a bunch of friends of Carly’s new song I Really Like You,” the video’s description reads. “Everyone make their own.” You heard him, folks. Sounds like it’s time to call up all your friends and put your lip syncing skills to the test.

Watch the full video below to get inspired for your own version:

(Images via YouTube.)