Ariana Grande just got SO hilariously real about her fave Snapchat filter

When we are feeling a little goofy or silly, one of the best ways to express that in our modern, social media era is through Snapchat filters. Celebs like the rest of us hold down on their faces to pop up the fabulous filters that will transform our faces into fairies, deer, and even aliens. Ariana Grande, pop princess and ponytail queen, is one of the many devotees of Snapchat. But today she took here favorite filter one step further.

Ariana Grande is so in love with the beautiful deer Snapchat filter, that she finally realized something very important about herself.

"when u realize dis is what your soul looks like & pat yourself on the back for maintaing your inner peace & connection to the light"

Yep, Ariana officially embraced her inner deer, and we can totally see how she can relate to these graceful, sweet creatures. Ariana is owning her spirit, and she couldn’t have done it without Snapchat.

Ariana has long been a huge fan of the deer filter, posting tons of super sweet videos and pics.

She even brings her friends in on the adorableness.

We know what a struggle it must have been to deny her inner frolicking fawn, so we’re glad Ariana was finally able to let her true inner deer shine.

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