Ariana Grande had a Jaws-themed birthday party when she was a kid—and nobody came

Ariana Grande celebrated her 25th birthday on June 26th, and with the release of her next album Sweetener tomorrow, August 17th, this year is already looking like a great one for the pop singer. But before she was a megastar, Grande was just a regular kid, and she celebrated her birthdays accordingly—like the time she had a Jaws-themed party when she was just two years old.

Grande stopped by the August 15th episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden for some Carpool Karaoke. After a soulful rendition of “Dangerous Woman,” the pop singer opened up about her childhood birthday bashes, which she described as “embarrassing.”

“My theme of my birthday party when I was like two years old was Jaws,” Grande told an incredulous Corden. “I loved it. That was my favorite movie.” At first, the host didn’t believe the “God Is A Woman” singer, asking, “When you were two?” But Grande elaborated.

“Mmhmm. That was my favorite movie,” she reiterated. “No kids came. They came and left.”

We’re cracking up just picturing a group of toddlers surrounded by shark-themed decorations. It’s too bad that Grande’s birthday isn’t closer to Shark Week.

Corden confessed that he, too, once had a themed birthday party.

"My only birthday party, I had an NSYNC birthday party," he told Grande. "It was a big party. What can I say? You're only 35 once."

The rest of the episode was full of gems, from Corden literally carrying Grande into Starbucks to a dream-worthy performance of “Suddenly Seymour” from the musical Little Shop of Horrors.

Watch Ariana Grande’s full Carpool Karaoke episode below.

In addition to the latest Carpool Karaoke segment, Grande and Corden also recently collaborated on an abridged Titanic musical. (We’re already looking forward to the next time these two work together.) As for Grande’s Jaws birthday party, we only wish we could have been there.

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