Ariana Grande got a surprising response from one of the famous singers she impersonated on “SNL”

Usually, the biggest buzz around a Saturday Night Live episode comes from an edgy political sketch or hilarious impersonation done by a cast member. But during last week’s episode, Ariana Grande (who was both host and musical guest) basically stole the show.

Though all of her characters were hilarious and her impressions were spot-on, people cannot seem to get over one particular sketch where she nailed back-to-back singer impersonations. And rightly so since these are not just average singers singing normal songs. She vocally transforms into some of the most iconic divas of our time and, we can only assume through some magical chameleon vocal chord she’s been given, somehow sounds exactly like them while belting their most famous songs.

One of the singers she impersonated in the sketch is none other than the marvelous Céline Dion. In case you missed it, here is the sketch. (If you’re in a hurry, skip to 3:26 for the Céline impression, though I highly suggest you watch the whole video if you haven’t already. It’s nothing short of amazing.)

While it’s hard not to be blown away by the impression, Céline had a different reaction. According to an interview Ariana recently gave on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, she was told by the mega-diva herself that, “When I saw you, I peed!” And even when Ariana tells the story, she tells it with a perfect Céline Dion accent.

Though we can’t imagine the put-together vocal superstar actually did such a thing, we’re glad to hear she approved of the impression. Though, to be honest, Ariana’s whole performance the entire show was so off-the-charts hysterical, that we wouldn’t be surprised (or judge) if she actually did pee a little from all the laughter.

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