Ariana Grande has an actual twin – only, they’re not related at all

Some people look so alike, we think they’re related, but then we learn they’re not. Did you know that Ariana Grande has an actual twin, but they’re not related?! What we mean is, Grande has a doppelgänger, reported E! News, and we can’t believe they’re not twins IRL.

Who is the alleged twin? Twenty-year-old Jacky Vasquez. Judging by all her Instagram followers, all 211,000 of them, you’d think she’s a superstar singer, too. (Though, tbh, Grande has 94.5 million Insta followers rn, so there’s a bit of a difference.)

In the comments of Vasquez’s posts, many people have noticed the resemblance between her and Grande. Sometimes, Vasquez does her makeup and poses like Grande, too, so it is pretty convincing. Take a look for yourself.

Here’s Ariana Grande.

Here’s Jacky Vasquez.

Ahhhhhh-mazing, right?! Our minds are ~blown~.

Let’s look at a few more.

Here’s Grande with her renowned ponytail.

And here’s Vasquez in a ponytail.

And here’s Grande as a cat (of course).

And here’s Vasquez as a cat.


“I honestly never thought I looked like Ariana, Vasquez told E! News. “I would see a little resemblance in pictures and videos, but that wasn’t until people would point it out… She’s so beautiful, so it kinda boosts my self-esteem when people tell me that. I honestly don’t know she feels about the comparisons but to me, it’s a huge compliment!

We’d take it as a huge compliment, too. Though the two women do look alike, they have some differences. For instance, Vasquez is based in Virginia and works as a waitress — sometimes, customers make the you-look-like-Ariana-Grande connection, too, according to Vasquez’s Instagram.

Although some people online are nice to Vasquez about the resemblance — and seemingly stunned, judging by Insta comments — others are not.

“I’ve gotten so much hate from her fans, it’s unbelievable,” Vasquez told E! News. “Half of her fandom are very sweet and nice to me but the other half are the meanest people I’ve ever seen online.”

Ahhh, internet trolls at it again. (Why, trolls, why?!) However, some people truly embrace Vasquez’s Grande look.

“I remember I got mistaken in Washington D.C. because she was at the Verizon Center that day and I dressed up like her since she was in town,” Vasquez said in an interview with Sweety High. “People asked me to take pictures with them that day, it was so fun!”

We’ll leave you with one final pic of the two women.

W-o-w! We’re still amazed at how much Vasquez looks like Grande and curious if Grande knows she has a twin. We’re also in the mood to listen to some Ariana Grande right now. Brb.