Ariana Grande just proved she knows a *lot* about “Harry Potter” in this tweet to J.K. Rowling

Ariana Grande is magical in so many ways — the magnificent ponytail, the crazy vocal range, the knowledge of actual wizarding spells.

On Monday it became clear just how well-versed the singer is in the Harry Potter world when Grande helped J.K. Rowling out with a wizarding spell via our most magical resource: Twitter. It was a jokey tweet posted by the author that got a simple, two-word response from Grande, proving  what she’s been telling us for years: She’s a big Harry Potter fan.

Keep reading and see if you remember the spell that Miss Grande had at the ready. Dumbledore would be proud.

First, Rowling tweeted the following (the author infamously has a deep fear of spiders, much like a certain Ron Weasley):

To which Grande replied:


Devoted readers may recall a certain arachnid chase during Chamber of Secrets in which this spell is used. Basically it blasts away spiders, and we’re guessing that maybe even J.K. may have forgotten about it.

But not Ariana!

What else would you expect from the woman with a custom Dumbledore chocolate frog trading card jacket?

Needless to say, we’re pretty freaking obsessed with two of our favorite worlds colliding (aka, one of our absolute favorite singers and one of our absolute favorite authors).

Accio best friendship?

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