Ariana Grande’s friends made her a “Harry Potter” music video for her birthday and it’s magical

Ariana Grande might have just had the best birthday ever and it’s all thanks to her very clever friends. The pop star, who turned 23 on June 26, posted a video to Instagram on Wednesday that has our bookish hearts exploding with joy: her pals made a Harry Potter music video, complete with a magical rap, and it’s incredible.

“wow my friends know me so damn well. thank you for the most ridiculous / most amazing / campiest birthday gift…” the singer captioned the video. “I’m absolutely dead”

And once you watch it, you’ll be dead as well. Because with lyrics like “I don’t know much about Harry Potter / but I bet it’s probably lit,” how could you not fall in love?

In the video, her friends have donned robes and are waving around wands, and as if that wasn’t enough dedication, they’re dancing around in what appears to be smoke — but we like to think it’s the remnants of a spell that causes Ariana Grande‘s birthday to be totally unforgettable. At least, we know we’ll be thinking about it forever, and maybe trying to make a music video of our own — although we know it wouldn’t be even half as good.

Happy Birthday, Ariana! We hope 23 is just as magical as it started.

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