Ariana Grande covered up her Pete Davidson ankle tattoo with the sweetest Mac Miller tribute

Ariana Grande has had a big month. She dropped the much-anticipated “Thank U, Next” music video (featuring the likes of Kris Jenner and Jennifer Coolidge, no less) and teased a brand new album…even though she literally released new music in August. And now it appears she also got some new ink done—covering up a Pete Davidson-inspired tattoo and replacing it with a Mac Miller tribute in the process.

Grande fans will likely recall that the singer was spotted with a new design on her left ankle in July which featured the numbers 8418. The tattoo was a tribute to Pete Davidson’s late father, who died in 9/11 (8418 was his badge number). However, Grande is now sporting a different design in that spot: “Myron”—which is the name of Mac Miller’s dog. Grande reportedly adopted Myron after Miller’s death, so it’s clear she has a super strong bond with the pup.

This is the second Pete Davidson tattoo Grande has had reworked into a new design. She had “Pete” inked on her left-hand ring finger, which has since been redone to look like a generic heart.

These are the only two Davidson tattoos Grande has that we know of, so hopefully she won’t have to worry about covering any more up for a while. And we’re pretty confident her Myron tribute is here to stay.

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