Ariana Grande is selling the cat ear headphones you never knew you needed

In addition to her ~high pony~, Ariana Grande frequently dons another fashion statement upon her head: cat ear headbands.


Look at that feline aesthetic.

So it only makes sense that Ariana would release limited edition cat ear headphones for her devoted fanbase.


The feline-esque music accessories (or meowsic accessories, lolol) are limited edition products that are currently being sold at Brookstone. Where has the cat lover’s answer to Beats by Dre been all our lives???


I feel as though you could wear these wireless headphones as a statement piece and not even utilize their music playing features.

Fair warning, though: you're gonna need to save up as these cat ear headphones will cost you a smooth $150.


Now, BuzzFeed does raise an important question. Does Ariana not recall the brainwashing mechanism from the flawless early aughts film Josie and the Pussycats?


They were cat ear headphones. Should we be concerned, Ariana?!


They’re super cute, tho!!!!

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