Ariana Grande just revealed new arm tattoos after teasing them in January

By now it’s no secret that Ariana Grande loves tattoos. In fact, she’s racked up a whopping 50 tats over the years. She just showed off the newest additions to her massive collection on Instagram, and fans think they might be hinting at her next era of music.

Back in January, the pop star showed off a brand-new butterfly tattoo on her arm, which fans spotted peeking through the gloves of her Cinderella-inspired ballgown. Since then, it seems she’s keeping with the butterfly theme. She just debuted two totally new butterfly tats that appear to be on her other arm, and we’re already dying to see more of her new ink.

Grande shared her latest quarantine selfie on Monday, May 4th, clearly showing two large butterfly tattoos on her left arm—one on her upper arm near her shoulder, and the other a bit closer to her elbow. The latter seems to be placed on the same part of her left arm as where her earlier butterfly tattoo is on her right arm.

Grande hasn’t confirmed how many butterfly tats she has just yet, but it seems she got these newest works of art prior to quarantine.

Grande had posted—and quickly deleted—an Instagram Story video back on March 14th, showing off the fresh ink and saying, “I got a tattoo.” She didn’t elaborate on her new artwork, but the story was captured by fan accounts before it was deleted.

Though Grande hasn’t mentioned whether butterflies bear significance to her, we do know the singer is a fan of a meaningful tat. Fans can’t help but think that the fluttering insect might be hinting at new music ahead, especially after she closed out her Sweetener World Tour late last year and took a break from recording new music.


Some even think Grande might be hinting at a collaboration with Mariah Carey, who famously released her album, Butterfly, back in 1997.


We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, but we need this to happen. For now, we’ll have to wait as patiently as we can and hope that Ari shows off her newest ink while we wait. Either way, her new tats are truly gorgeous and we can’t wait to see more of them on Instagram soon.

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