People on Twitter think Ariana Grande looks like Brittany Murphy, and the photos speak for themselves

The internet is adept at finding celebrity doppelgängers, from Lady Gaga’s 18-year-old lookalike to the Miss Teen Namibia contestant who looks uncannily like Regina George. And perhaps even better? When celebs resemble each other. And the people of Twitter have discovered that pop princess Ariana Grande and late actress Brittany Murphy look a lot alike.

Murphy, who starred in such iconic movies as Clueless and Uptown Girls, tragically died of pneumonia in 2009 at the age of 32 (though there’s no shortage of mystery and speculation surrounding her cause of death). And people are starting to notice distinct similarities between the two stars—specifically when Grande has her hair down.

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Can you see the resemblance? And more importantly…does this mean Ariana Grande also looks like Lili Reinhart (Murphy’s other doppelgänger).


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