Ariana Grande might just be the queen of statement jackets

When you think of Ariana Grande what usually comes to mind is the fact that she can really sing, and probably ponytails.

The self-proclaimed dangerous woman has, however, proven that she really knows her way around a statement piece. Girl can pretty much rock any look.

Here she is looking super cute and casual in a denim shirt.

Here she is looking glam AF in pink.

And here she is rocking an ACTUAL DUMBLEDORE JACKET.

Ugh, we’re SO jealous of this one. Even without the gorgeous embroidery, Ariana really rocks this one. We love how she manages to pull off the oversized boyfriend jacket look.

Basically, Ariana just slays.

But Ariana has taken her penchant for statement jackets to a new level and we are totally obsessed.

O.M.G. Isn’t that just the most beautiful thing you’ve, like, ever seen?

The bomber jacket is illustrated with a print of  fox, and it’s giving us some serious #throwback ’90s Versace vibez.

Ariana even showed off the cute jacket while in the recording studio.

Okay, this jacket looks so cute but also the comfiest.

Apprently Ariana found the jacket in the iconic NYC vintage store, What Goes Around Comes Around, which is a literal treasure trove of beautiful vintage items.

If we’re being honest, we feel that we might need to go on a little vintage shopping trip with Ms. Grande because she really seems to know what looks to pick.

Of course, if you’re looking for your own patterned bomber we’ve found a bunch of super cute ones that you could try.

Frock and Frill Embroidered Embellished Bomber Jacket, $187.00, ASOS
Frock and Frill Embroidered Embellished Bomber Jacket, $187.00, ASOS


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