So Ariana Grande Has a Bob Haircut Now, but We’ve Only Gotten a Tiny Peek

Putting in a request for Ari to post a picture, please!

Ariana Grande has been through a lot of changes this year (like getting married, for one, which is absolutely not a big deal at all) but her latest is her hair. After sporting a signature long ponytail for as long as we can remember, Grande seemingly chopped her hair into a long bob—also known as a lob—and she looked good.

On July 1st, Grande posted a video to Instagram of her shoulder-length haircut while wearing a fuzzy orange bucket hat, giving us all the early 2000s vibes. Bucket hats are back, y’all, and Grande is on board.

For some reason, though, she quickly deleted the video, though screenshots have already made their way all over the internet.

Ariana Grande

There’s no doubt that this is a major change for her—or that she looks absolutely adorable. It’s also important to note that Grande’s ponytail is just hair extensions, so she can bring it back anytime she wants…and her natural hair wasn’t actually that long before she cut it.

Here’s about the length of her hair before the chop, circa early May 2021:

It’s definitely a change! And it’s a bit suspicious that Grande already deleted the video of her new haircut so quickly. Could it be because it’s meant to symbolize a new era of her music? It might mean that something big is coming, after all…even though it’s been less than a year since her most recent album, Positions, dropped. Maybe it’s for a role? Maybe she just got sick of her extensions and wanted to give her head a break. Been there, girl, and we get it.

Whatever’s going on, hopefully Grande plans to fill fans in soon…and share new photos of her hair while she’s at it! We just want to see the lob in all its glory!

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